Recovery Documentography - Neverland By Yanina Manolova

Yanina Manolova's photos appeared at numerous exhibits and she has won several international awards. 'Neverland' is Manolova's documentary film and photos following five women during a period of their recovery.

A client at the Rural Women's Recovery Program in Athens, Ohio, draws on a piece of paper, while, her baby cries on the sofa at the Program.

Clients of the Rural Women’s Recovery Program practice yoga on Friday, May 8, 2009, in Athens, Ohio. The State of Ohio has one of the most elaborate chemical dependency treatment systems for women in the United States in terms of the strength of the women’s programming. According to the Health Recovery Services in Athens, Ohio, both the number of facilities for women, and funding for the existing facilities, are declining.

Patricia, 27, smokes crack in Mansfield, Ohio. She graduated from the Rural Women’s Recovery Program in the Spring of 2009. Patricia relapsed in June of 2009. She was sexually abused at age 14 by a middle-aged man, her father’s best friend. She has been using alcohol and drugs (marijuana, crack, cocaine, oxycodone and morphine) since she was 14. "I got pregnant with my daughter by a drug dealer, and I went for treatment for about 9 months while I was pregnant. He is in prison and he has never seen her.” Patricia said.

Deanna, 33, cries in her temporary housing provided by the Salvation Army Shelter in Newark, Ohio. She has been physically abused by her husband. Deanna lost custody on her son, and even though she went through a substance abuse treatment program, she could not stop abusing alcohol. She is on the waiting list for another substance abuse treatment program.

On September 21, 2008, in Athens, Ohio, Deanna, 33, left, cries after a visit from her husband and son at the Rural Women's Recovery Program, where she has been for two weeks. She has been diagnosed with alcohol problems. Her mother was an alcoholic, as are many of her family members. "I would get up and start drinking. Every single day. I will drink until I pass out," Deanna said. Lisa, 44, right, is sad after her boyfriend’s visit at the Rural Women's Recovery Program. She has been diagnosed with alcohol problems, and has been part of the Program for two weeks. Lisa was sexually abused by her father at age 6; her husband, a drug addict, sexually abused her as well, and she has three children by him, all of whom are drug addicts. "After I left their dad, the kids left me. Then I started drinking a lot more," Lisa said. Hannah, 29, far left, talks to her mother, far right, during their family visit time. She has been diagnosed with alcohol problems, which began when she was fifteen. She was abused by her father as a child.
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