Shortless Celebs - Steve McQueen Uncut & New Sextography

Iconic, too cool for words Steve McQueen never seen before photos made our heads spin. Sign behind McQueen's (first photo below)...instant classic. The second one is too much to handle it. We don't know what is more visualy exiting...the furniture, his tennis shoes, his outfit, or his glasses.

"We're sitting around the swimming pool up on the deck," remembers Dominis, "and Steve goes away and he comes back without any clothes on! He just enjoyed being out in the desert, looking at the sun.... He was just so natural about everything. There was no time to feel embarrassed, so I shot all the pictures that I needed to shoot. I shot some pictures specially of his backside so we could use them in the magazine, because in most of them he was just [full-on] nude. He wasn't hiding anything."
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