Honest Gangtography - Robert Yager's La Vida Loca

'Take my photograph'. That's how it all got started for Brit photographer Robert Yager. In the 90's interested in latin and street culture he decided to document a latin gang life in Los Angeles.

"After Mexico, I decided I wanted to move to LA. But when I got here, it seemed there was nothing going on in the streets -- not like London or Mexico. One of the few things that was going in the streets was gangs. At that time, gang life wasn't something that was known widely. This was the end of 1991."

"Their culture is explained as their crimes and bravado and that needed to be examined. Their culture includes many things, like visual expression, tattoos, murals, handsigns, their appearance, ways etc. As well as, their crimes and bravado. I realized that I needed to go further and really get into the family and the life."
Robert Yager's interview

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