Fashion Hoax - Lagerfeld Is Not Leaving Chanel

Rumors that Karl Lagerfeld is leaving Chanel and being replaced by Alber Elbaz surfaced last summer, but the real frenzy has started with  Jak& Jil, Tommy Ton tweets:
I received some news tonight that is going to SHAKE the fashion world in the next two days. CRAZY!!!!
I can't tell. I swore I'd zip the lip but I'll tell you my mouth nearly dropped to the ground when the news was whispered into my ear.
You think u know but u have NO idea. Sorry, it isn't my place to announce this news. You'll know exactly what I'm talking about soon
Here's a clue: view the Paris videos and see if you can figure it out. Tehehehe :P
Tommy Ton wrote on twitter.

We are glad to say that it was all a hoax, played by Riccardo Tisci himself.
Last tweet on Tommy's wall:
Guessing game is over. My source and I are the victim of a good prank played by Mr. Tisci himself. He got us good :(

We can not imagine Chanel without Lagerfeld.

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