World's Worst Condoms - Pump Up The Volume With Pasante Unique

photo coolbuddy

When you think you've seen it all there comes something so outrageous and funny that we couldn't resist posting it on our site. Pasante Unique condom is the most awkward looking protection we've ever seen. Searching through 'reviews' you can only find how wonderful it is, but after viewing this video we came to the conclusion that Pasante condoms is not only the thinnest preservative on the market, but it's the loudest 'rain coat', or cellophane for your pleasure.

"It might get loud with Pasante Unique"

'With Pasante Unique is like getting a present and with every push you can hear unwrapping sound. Just like Christmas over and over, and over, and over again".

Update: Here is a little note we just found on the web.
" has ceased trading. We would like to thank all of our customers for their continued support and custom over the past few years. All orders placed have been posted out. Please note that is/was not part of or affiliated to Pasante, who are still selling the Unique condoms via other sources.

Check out the video!

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